I'm glad to have you join me in my world of fiction.  I have spent a quarter of my life working outside the confines of the United States.  I have worked in the Middle East (Egypt, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Jordan), South America (Peru), and Central America (Panama), and have traveled extensively throughout Europe.  This is five of the seven continents of the world.  I believe that I have had a strong case of wanderlust ever since I gazed longingly at the outside world through the bars of my crib.

The more I have traveled, the more I have found that just about every place I have spent time, I wanted to go back.  But I also had a burning desire to find new places.  This produces travel conflict, old vs. new.

I was born in Flagstaff, Arizona, but grew up in New Orleans.  I enjoyed my growing up years there, and my college days at Louisiana State University, and am still a huge tiger fanatic.  Geaux Tigers! 

My degree in Civil Engineering has opened the door to many interesting and rewarding construction projects overseas.  Sewage was running down the streets in Cairo and children were playing in it, when the 9 year project I was assigned to expanded the sewer treatment and collector systems to an extent that the streets were dry when we left.  This experience, along with a similar 2 year project for three cities along the Suez Canal was the foundation for my children's journey, Maadi's Adventures in Egypt.

I also participated in a 3 year clean water program to help a basically dry country, Jordan, meet its domestic needs and the needs of its overwhelming influx of refugees.

My work in Saudi Arabia (one year) and Libya (three years) was in a totally different challenging field, oil production, but still allowed the absorption of the unique cultural experience of each of these Middle Eastern countries that were so similar and yet so different.

I might note that during these times, Egypt was under the rule of President Mubarack, and Libya was under the rule of Colonel Khadafy.  This dictator exposure helped influence the writing of Doublestar Conspiracy.

The projects in Peru and Panama, beefing up the U.S. embassies in these two countries, were fairly short but also presented an invaluable insight into their unique personalities.

It is also worth noting that during my many international travels, I have managed to spend many enjoyable days touring the United Kingdom, not surprisingly for those that know me, many of those hours were spent indulging in a tasty British ale, in a cozy, atmospheric pub.  And after you have experienced that, it doesn't get much better than reading a good British murder mystery, while sipping a rich authentic ale brewed in Britian, or one homebrewed.  Taking all of this into consideration, I guess it is not surprising that my British Pub murder mystery Tides Inn, just seemed to materialize out of nowhere.

I am now settled down in retirement on the Nevada side of the Lake Tahoe area with my wife Sally.  Still have the itch to travel.  It is always in your blood.  When is the phone going to ring?  I am not really that retired.

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