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Doublestar Conspiracy

Amazon Books.  (E-Book - $2.99 or Paperback - $8.06)

Barnes and Noble (E-books - $2.99)

Smashbook        (E-Book - $2.99)

Maadi's Adventures in Egypt

Amazon Books. (E-Book - $2.99 or Paperback - ** $17.96)

                                    (** Extra cost due to 64 photos.) 

Barnes and Noble (E-Book - $2.99)

Smashwords  (E-Book - $2.99)  

Tides  Inn      

Note:  This is a Novelette, not a full length novel.            

Amazon Books (E-Book - 0.99 or Paperback - $4.31)    

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Barnes and Noble   (E-Book - $1.99)

Smashwords  (E-Book - $1.99)