In this fast-paced, action-packed story, four groups plummet toward an explosive collision:

1.  Bob and Kathy Elliott:   A couple on a camping trip who are determined that nothing will interfere with their relaxing get-away.

 2.  General Tewfick:  The brutal dictator of a foreign country who is on a rare good-will visit to the United States.

3.  Terrorists: A group of dissidents, now living in America, that have had to flee for their lives from their home country.

4.  Innocent people:  People who have no inkling that a deadly drama is unfolding around them, and about to engulf them.  

The Conspiracy: 

 The dissidents have seized upon the opportunity of the General’s rare visit to the United States, to eliminate at all costs, the man who has decimated their home country.  With the strong security in his home country, it is impossible to assassinate him there.  This is their only chance.  They are desperate.  To complicate matters, their efforts become two-fold as they must also deal with the Elliotts, who inadvertently witnessed the first attempt and can now ID them. 

Trouble in an inconspicuous country, halfway around the world  =     turmoil, danger, and death in the United States. 

Action / Suspense:  The terrorists have devised several resourceful plans to assassinate the General, and the General’s ability to escape is dramatically tested.  The Elliotts are thrown headlong into the chaos and must run for their lives, going from crises to crisis, challenged to survive.

Thought-Provoking:  The terrorists are not professional terrorists, but people from various walks of life who have escaped from the General’s harsh oppression in their homeland and have been drawn together by a common cause.  They are driven to out-of-character violent behavior, to counter the brutality under which their home country suffers.  They have acted with the reluctant, but in their minds, necessary sacrifice of innocent lives.  Unknowing close friends, as well as strangers are drawn into the conspiracy.  Consciences are challenged, emotions are torn apart, difficult and painful life and death decisions must be made.  Does the end justify the means?  The terrorists are desperate people who have turned to terrorism to free themselves and their family and friends back home from terrorism.  Terrorists or freedom fighters, who are they?  

Doublestar  Conspiracy, is a conflict between the hunter, the hunted, and the entrapped.   

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *  *

If you are interested in this novel, please check out the "Doublestar - Sample Chapters" page, or you can order the complete novel, E-book or Paperback, on the "To Order  Books" page. 

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5.0 out of 5 stars

Ba-boom   March 16, 2013                                                                                                                                    Byjakebrake

Format:Kindle Edition

Comment:  The time the author spent in the Middle East clearly lent realism to this thriller that rockets right along. This in not your basic formula book. The settings and scenes kept me guessing. Enough detail to make the book interesting, but not so much to bog the story down.

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Official Review: Doublestar Conspiracy by Bill Wilke

Post Number:#1 by Eatsleaves
» 29 Jun 2016, 01:16

[Following is the official review of "Doublestar Conspiracy" by Bill Wilke

3 out of 4 stars

Review by Eatsleaves

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From the opening lines of the prologue to Doublestar Conspiracy, author Bill Wilke captures the reader's attention. The action starts with the first chapter, and continues until the very last page. Wilke does an excellent job of grabbing the reader's attention and holding it until the conclusion of the story. Doublestar Conspiracy opens in 1985 in the fictitious Middle Eastern country of Zeneen. George Magdi is a 17-year-old prodigal son who has returned home for a surprise reconciliation with his family at his sister's sixteenth birthday celebration. George's father has just lost his bid for leadership of Zeneen to dictator General Tewfick. From there the book is full of assassination plots, cat-and-mouse chases under cover of darkness, innocent people killed, innocent witnesses pursued, and even a love interest thrown in for good measure.

The chapters are organized by locale and time, playing out international events as they occur. The reader is taken from one fateful day in 1985 Zeneen to 9 days in 2001 Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., West Virginia, San Francisco, and several southern California wilderness sites. Wilke creates characters the reader will sympathize with, and others that are easily hated. As each character is introduced, the reader wonders who are heroes and who are villains. Doublestar Conspiracy is a very exciting read, reminiscent of James Patterson's style of writing, with short chapters that carry the reader eagerly forward to learn how the plot will play out.

Wilke's personal experience living in the Middle East helps make this novel believable. The language patterns of the characters from Zeneen, the description of the cycles of tyranny and the rules governing social interactions are all well laid out in this book. The rationales of the people taking innocent lives are also plausible. The reader is faced with the decision of whether to classify the perpetrators as freedom fighters or terrorists, desperate people who feel they have run out of choices, or self-absorbed villains whose desired ends justify any means necessary. This is a timely novel, presenting one author's take on current political violence seen in the news daily. After finishing the novel, the reader comes away with more questions than answers.

People who enjoy political thrillers will enjoy reading Doublestar Conspiracy. On the other hand, people who have grown weary of articles about terrorist attacks will not like this novel. It not only describes political violence, but explores in detail the motives of those involved in committing it.

The book is still in need of some editing, for example, the word "calvary" is used instead of "cavalry", and the phrase "mute question" is used instead of "moot question". There were also some grammatical errors, but they are not so distracting as to detract from my enjoyment of the novel.

I give this book a score of 3 out of 4 stars. Congratulations to Wilke for writing such an enjoyable read!


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First and foremost, I thoroughly enjoyed reading the first half. Unfortunately I was only able to finish that much. I found this novel informative, thrilling, suspenseful, and honestly hard to put down. It was the first read I've had in a long time where I felt drawn into the characters world and I could feel what they felt. The plot was wonderfully constructed, a gradual rise in anticipation and absolutely kept my interest. Sadily I was unable to finish your wonderful book due to illness in pregnancy and falling into depression. Not only your novel was neglected, but much of the light in my heart was dim for a while. I do apolgize for not completing my task, however, from what I did accomplish I loved all of it. Thank you for allowing me to peak into your hard and wonderful work. Blessings to you, a fellow book lover, Shadowstar

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